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The Montessori Way!

The philosophy of the Montessori education originated in educational approach and teaching of an Italian educator and physician, Maria Montessori. She focused on the development of human in all stages of their childhood. She also focused on the important responsibility of childhood when it comes to their formation towards becoming an adult. For Maria Montessori, education serves as an integral part of child’s development.

We also offer non-montessori Pre-k for ages 2.5 and above at Peachtree II location on a very limited basis.


There should always be some time to be serious and take a step back. While having fun we should not forget that there are other aspects of kids development. Learning is an exercise in itself. The more your children are exposed to, the stronger they become. Our curriculum is carefully designed to balance the social, academic, and developmental needs of the children. Teachers encourage children to think and reflect, as well as to experiment and explore fundamental concepts through their interactions with our materials. Our programs emphasize the following:

Reading readiness

Math readiness

Science & technology

Daily Fun Activities

We cannot imagine our lives with children in our house if there were no fun activities and laughter around us and them. Our day school offers many such options to your children. Children can play indoors or they can play outdorrs. Our two facilities in Parsippany are wonderful places to not feel constrained. We make every effort to make them feel at home.

Learning can be fun...

With the philosophy highlighted in this Montessori education, there are already huge numbers of schools as of today who are sparing time and effort to adopt the same philosophy they are implementing. This is due to the fact that the philosophy of the Montessori education really marks the life of every child in the world that really provides them not only educational learning, but more of experiences that develops their wellbeing as early as their age. At Peachtree Montessori, our goal is to always make things better for your child both emotionally and academically.

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